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Latest Post - Biscoff & Chocolate Cupcakes

Biscoff & Chocolate Cupcakes - a bit of a mad medley!

Biscoff & Chocolate Cupcakes – a bit of a mad medley!

So, this is WAY overdue but Happy 2016 baking buddies!  I have been particularly crap as of late…When checking my blog today I realised my last post was October 2015 (?!?!!) in which i’d planned to blog more…hmmm that kind of didn’t really happen did it?!

Anyhow, not dwelling too much, but it’s been a mental few months at work and so to be honest there has been much more pressing issues at hand than blogging.  But no matter how sad that is, I keep trying to remind myself to find more time to do cool stuff like this…lord knows how many of you read this or even use this, but I like to catalogue some of the crazy ideas I have and this seems the perfect forum for that!!

So, today I decided to share the wonder that is BISCOFF SPREAD!  This stuff is like a drug!  For those of you unaware of what Biscoff is;

  • Firstly where the hell have you been?!
  • Secondly, watch this video and excuse the rude words but it’s hilarious…and sums up the taste sensation of Biscoff perfectly…
  • Thirdly “It’s like peanut butter but made out of COOKIES!”
  • Finally

I’ve baked with Biscoff spread before and it drove people wild…i’m not even joking!  The frosting in particular is amazing and Grant goes all gaga-eyed when I mention Biscoff frosting :) Which is where this recipe came from.  I had Hershey’s chocolate spread and chocolates to use up and any of you who know me, are aware that my baking is powdered by the need to NOT WASTE FOOD.  That’s also generally why cakes I make are topped, filled and crafted around fruit, veg, sweets and chocolate that needs consuming.

If you do anything after reading this post…GO BUY BISCOFF SPREAD and eat it from the jar, or on toast, or on ANYTHING! Read more…