Cherry Jam…and why I LOVE Newcastle!

Intensely fruity and deliciously flavoursome – cherry jam!

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful sunshine and wonderfully toasty weather we’re having!  This is definitely one of those summers we’ll all look back on as being what a stereotypical summer should be in the chilly UK!  It’s been a bit busy here in the Dyer-Titmus house.  Being a teacher (I hear you all groan and stand poised with rotten tomatoes) means I am now 2 weeks in to my summer holidays.  This is a brief opportunity for me to explain the trauma of summer holidays – lots of time and not a lot of money!  Trying to make finances you’d normally frivolously spend on 4 weekends of a month, stretch to 30 days is quite stressful and so I have been taking part in frugal and free activities that keep me busy!

This is where jam comes in!  I’ve been preparing for my ZoBird Crimbo Hampers for the family, and as last months Rhubarb Glut post showed, it’s always fun to find exciting recipes that I know my mum in particularly will relish (pun intended).  So this is where I get in to why I LOVE Newcastle and in particular at this time of year.  Newcastle is an incredible place, anyone who has been here will know that and anyone who lives here knows why it grasps a hold of you and won’t let you go.  I came for University 12yrs ago and never left!

These are the reasons why I am feeling an overwhelming swell in my heart for Newcastle these days: Continue reading »

Banoffee Pie Muffins

A classic pudding made in to a perfect portioned cake – Banoffee Pie Muffins

So, it’s been a few weeks hasn’t it?!  Many a thing has happened and besides the craziness of my work and having some great friends over to stay, we have actually been over in the States for the past 2 weeks.  An amazing gastronomic adventure in San Francisco, down through Santa Cruz, along the Pacific Coast Highway, to Big Sur, San Luis Obispo and ending up at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend in Vegas…Phew!  Believe it or not, despite sampling the best burgers, steaks, sandwiches, breakfasts and coffees on the planet, we didn’t come back ten times the size as Frisco is incredibly ‘hilly’…you literally walk off the indulgent goodies!

Anyway, less about the holiday that i’m still in blues over and more about the recipe and why!  We went to Peggy Sue’s Diner in Yermo whilst away and it’s a proper retro diner and very famous…it’s on the way in to Vegas.  They are very famous for their pies and even though I had the Pecan Pie here, the Banoffee Pie was staring at me from across the counter in all it’s nanary, creamy and toffeelicious goodness.  So I figured, why not bring a bit of Peggy Sue’s here and replicate this infamous pudding-pie in a smaller format.  Youa ll know I love using up whatever is in the fridge and today was no exception: sour cream, creme fraiche and bananas.  But if you don’t have sour cream and creme fraiche you can use milk as a substitute; although I have found using sour cream and creme fraiche gives a deliciously moist texture and awesome medley of flavours! Continue reading »

Strawberry Milkshake Cupcakes

Delicious little cupcakes that taste just like a diner shake

Hello all!!!  It’s been a few days…or should I say weeks, but it’s been all go-go at this end and numerous things are trying to come to a close at school for me and the staff. Needless to say baking has been minimal, but after the kind requests of my lush Year 10’s for ‘more of ya cakes miss’ I felt the need to try out my awesome new book that my mummy bought me for my birthday in May.  I’ll post the recipe but it’s very much the same to the proper Hummingbird one and if anything I strongly recommend you go out and buy this book or indeed order it online here.  I am a true lover of Hummingbird recipes and use their basic vanilla cupcakes recipe as the basis for all my baking…light, fluffy and guaranteed to do more than they recommend it does :)

My new fave book courtesy of my wonderful mummy!

So if you want something quick and easy to make that will be guaranteed to make people go WOW then try these out and try out some different toppings…hopefully my colleagues at the staff cricket match tomorrow will agree! Continue reading »

Cheeky Chimp Cupcakes

Who you smiling at cheeky chimp chops?!?!

A cluster/gaggle/colony/posse of cheeky chimps!!

Our friend Shane was coming up for the weekend and the last time he visited us all the way from the deep dark south-east of Lowestoft I made the Cookie Monster cupcakes you see in my header pictures.  This time I wanted something different and seen as Shane swears by Chocolate Oranges being a fruit, whilst also having an obsession with Monkeys; these little creations only seemed apt for his April visit. Continue reading »

Easter Brownie Egg-stravaganza!

Creme Egg Brownie HEART-ATTACK!!!

So there is this AMAZING blog where this woman made the worlds most delectable brownie – Creme Egg Brownie!  I know, I hear you cry ‘What an amazing idea – make worlds most delicious treat and ADD some of the best chocolate combos ever’.  So I made them and the result can be seen above.  They went down a treat by all and induced creme-egg-brownie-sweats!  Check out there recipe here and make those around you smile…and sit down, refusing to be beaten by it’s chocolatey awesome-factor.

I really loved these brownies but wanted to make my own recipe combo and make them a little bit lighter; finding a base brownie recipe that I could add any goodies to, be it Easter, Halloween or Christmas…or just a Friday! Continue reading »

Creme Egg Cupcakes…the countdown to Easter!

Creme Egg Cupcakes looking egg-ceptionally egg-stravagant!

I LOVE Creme Eggs and as you know I LOVE baking so it was inevitable that the two would collide in a delicious concoction of cakey gooey goodness.  This week I plan on making a few more batches of these and trialling out some Creme Egg borwnies which were posted by Cadbury on their Faceook page…om nom!!!  So here it goes, a recipe to get you dooling and hopefully put a smile of my A level Performing Arts students’ faces when they nosh these down tomorrow! Continue reading »