Fluffernutter Cookies – PB & Fluff Filled Cookie Delights!!

Deliciously gooey, sweet and oatilicious!

Deliciously gooey, sweet and oatilicious!

So…it has been a while since i’ve even posted anything on here!  A combination and busy bee antics and needing motivation I think!  Anyway, I went to my hairdressers the other day and she asked me about the blog, said how much she liked it and that she’d been recommending it, and I thought ‘Get your butt in gear Zoe…get a post on’.  So I have!!  Rummaging in my baking pastry cabinet I realised I had some deliciously sweet Marshmallow Fluff that needing using up and that is why this recipe came about.  I started googling alternatives to just making whoopie pies (which is the key use in my Hummingbird Book) and found a great Pinterest page full of calorific, heart-attack inducing recipes.  This one stood out as it includes peanut butter…and you know how much I LOVE peanut butter.  I have included the website here but I think I made mine more filled and chose not to add the sea salt on top.  Let me know what you think!! Enjoy and apologies for being so aloof :) Continue reading »

Rocky Road to Hell

If there’s any road to hell it should be the Rocky Road to Hell

So it has been a while my sweets!  Over 6 weeks since a blog post and around 4 weeks since baking!!!  WHY?!  I hear you cry…Why indeed…Well we’ve finally bit the bullet and got our kitchen done.  It was looking tired, 70’s (and not in a good way) and was proving to be a health, not to mention sanity, risk!

Now it’s so puuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrty though…LOOK!!!

New kitchen excitement

Pastry cabinet revamped and ready for baking

What’s more the oven does what it says!  I know this seems bonkers to you all, but the old oven took a lot of getting used to…eventually I sussed that you needed to set the temperature to 20 degrees less than the fan temperature a recipe recommended, plus reduce your cooking time to around 10 mins less.  This made baking similar to a game of Russian Roulette.  This beauty however, says 170 degrees and cooks at 170 degrees…bliss!

Anyway…to the recipe!  This monstrosity of a recipe came from the need to make my gal-pal Lucy a cake for her 30th birthday which was last Thursday.  She’s not a huge cake fan but LOVES Rocky Road so I knew I needed to do my own twist on this classic…having never made it before…strangely! Continue reading »

DOUBLE POST SPESH! – Marmite, Cheddar & Parmesan Morsels and Coffee & Nutella Kisses

Marmite, Cheddar & Parmesan Morsels!

Coffee & Nutella Kisses – MWAH!

I am writing this post after a rather successful rehearsal at school with my awesome Music & Theatre Productions students who are in the process of putting on Our House; the brilliant Madness musical!  Knowing I would be ins school all day today I baked up some delectable delights last night so that I had some goodies for my work peeps on a dreary Monday morning.  So many fo you will know that it was only Wednesday that lent began and so my battle with our office begins – it used to just be 1 or 2 people ditching their sweet tooth cravings, but this year all the girls (bar me of course!!) have chosen to give up sugary based treats.  This makes my life very difficult as I am, at heart, a sweet baker through and through.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love savoury, you’ll see in my previous posts that I do relish a savoury challenge, however I am at my happiest when I am at my sweetest :) .  That’s why this is a double WHAMMY post…a savoury recipe which gives you the core ingredients needed for a sweet based bake too.  The Coffee & Nutella Kisses are made from the left over egg white from the Marmite, Cheddar & Parmesan Morsels; and we all know I HATE waste, so it was inevitable that all parts of the egg would be used! Continue reading »

Dino-Bourbons RAWRRRRR!!! *Not to scale*

Beware of the DINO-BOURBONS!


This is a bit of a random post and I must ensure that I outline why I have made bourbon dinosaur 3D cookies…some of you may be thinking ‘Why not?!’ to those of you hoorah, for the rest who are still puzzled this is why:

I have a wonderful Year 11 Drama class…or I should say ‘had’ :( they are now on their merry way either to college, in to 6th form or have left school.  On my birthday this year they swamped me with some wonderful gifts wrapped in awesome mustache paper and delivered with smiles and excitement.  Besides an AWESOME rubik cube mug and some nifty VW camper hand warmers they bought me this unique and quirky cookie cutter set of Dinosaurs.  Now the reason this made me so happy was for a variety of reasons

  1. They are SO thoughtful!
  2. Dinosaurs were my obsession when I was younger
  3. They know how much I love baking

So without further ado this blog post is dedicated to Harry, Becca, Charlotte & Nicole…DINO-BOURBONS of deliciousness. Continue reading »

Oreo Peanut Butter Brownie Morsels of Mmmmmmmmm!!!

Layers of lushiousness – Oreo-peanut butter-oreo-peanut butter – encased in brownie!

These little beauties have been an internet craze and the second someone tagged me in a picture to this link, I just knew I needed to get a British ZoBird’s version on the web.  I have mentioned this many times and will continue to, but I LOVE peanut butter and I LOVE Oreos.  The problem with Oreos is that ASDA tends to know about my obsession and not only puts rows and rows of packets on the end of the aisles (sneaky marketing!!) but also frequently reduces the price down to 50p!  I then go in to ‘Anderson Shelter’ mode and stock up, panicking about the fact they may become unavailable or worse…go UP in price!  On this shopping trip in particular I purchased an embarrassing 5 packets..*shameful face* and made small talk with the cashier about ‘Oh they’re not all for me’ (LIE) ‘I’m going to bake with them!’ (LIE).  So to redeem myself and my shameful lying I felt it was only right to actually bake with them and what better way than to sandwich them with peanut butter goodness and lather them in brownie mix…OM NOM!

These are incredibly easy to make and besides being ridiculously unassuming when baked, hold the delectable insides of a Humanities ‘layers of the earth’ resemblance! Continue reading »

Pumpkin Pinata’s – Happy Halloween!!!

Pumpkin Pinata’s – A spooky surprise in each one!

I was forwarded the link to an amazing blog called Handmade Charlotte, an awesome collection of handmade goodies to trial at home to keep little kids entertained.  Instantly I stumbled across these beauties and just knew they would put a smile on the grown-ups faces in my life…needless to say they did and I will never cease to be amazed how happy cakes and indeed chocolatey surprises inside cakes can make people! Check out how I made them and why not head over to Handmade Charlotte too… Continue reading »