21 Layer Crepe Cake!

21 Layer Crepe Cake!

So there we are watching Diner’s Drive-In’s and Dives on the Food Network channel and on the screen appears a Crepe special based in a wonderful little American diner.  Guy Fieri is there chatting away to the chef (heavily tattooed and alternative :) )when they exclaim their special is a 21 Layer Crepe Pie!  Grant and I were fixed to the TV and made a mental note of the process…our own little twist can be seen with instructions below! Continue reading »

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Cupcakes

Somewhere over the Rainbow there’s some tasty cupcakes…

It’s very rare that I decide to sit still for long, Grant can vouch for this, but today I had to watch Wizard of Oz as it’s been years since I last saw it.  By ‘had to’ I genuinely mean had to as it’s our current school show which me and my mates Jo and Lucy are directing.  So what better way to be inspired by the film than to put together cupcakes that depict the essence of the film!  So I sat still for 2hrs to watch the film and then bustled off to the kitchen to concoct these (Somewhere over the) Rainbow Cupcakes.  Give them a try, it’s great fun! Continue reading »

Nature Cake!

Birthday cake inspired by nature!

This cake was a commission from a friend who was going to her close friend’s 30th birthday party.  The only stipulation was that the cake was white with leaves on it.  Above is the final product and below are details on how I did the different components.  It was a great little project because i’d never tried something like this before and because the brief was so open the possibilities to make this look ‘natural’ were endless. Continue reading »

Mountain Bike Birthday Cake

Mountain Bike Birthday Cake

I was asked by a close friend to create  cake for her boyfriend’s father who as turning 50 and loved Mountain Biking. This was a scary commission as i’d never been asked properly to do anything like this before.  The cake was inspired by internet pictures, my cookie cutter tin contents and generally my mad imagination. Continue reading »

Batman Birthday Cake

Zap! Kapow! Thwop! It’s a Batman Birthday Cake!

Made for a special 26th Birthday (the fiance’s sis), this 1960s inspired Batman cake was my first attempt at anything overly creative in the large cake department!  I was largely inspired by the beautiful Sweet Pudgy Panda 2 tier cake (see here) but mine is made from Royal Icing as I haven’t braved the world of gum paste…yet! Continue reading »