Biscoff & Chocolate Cupcakes

Biscoff & Chocolate Cupcakes - a bit of a mad medley!

Biscoff & Chocolate Cupcakes – a bit of a mad medley!

So, this is WAY overdue but Happy 2016 baking buddies!  I have been particularly crap as of late…When checking my blog today I realised my last post was October 2015 (?!?!!) in which i’d planned to blog more…hmmm that kind of didn’t really happen did it?!

Anyhow, not dwelling too much, but it’s been a mental few months at work and so to be honest there has been much more pressing issues at hand than blogging.  But no matter how sad that is, I keep trying to remind myself to find more time to do cool stuff like this…lord knows how many of you read this or even use this, but I like to catalogue some of the crazy ideas I have and this seems the perfect forum for that!!

So, today I decided to share the wonder that is BISCOFF SPREAD!  This stuff is like a drug!  For those of you unaware of what Biscoff is;

  • Firstly where the hell have you been?!
  • Secondly, watch this video and excuse the rude words but it’s hilarious…and sums up the taste sensation of Biscoff perfectly…
  • Thirdly “It’s like peanut butter but made out of COOKIES!”
  • Finally

I’ve baked with Biscoff spread before and it drove people wild…i’m not even joking!  The frosting in particular is amazing and Grant goes all gaga-eyed when I mention Biscoff frosting :) Which is where this recipe came from.  I had Hershey’s chocolate spread and chocolates to use up and any of you who know me, are aware that my baking is powdered by the need to NOT WASTE FOOD.  That’s also generally why cakes I make are topped, filled and crafted around fruit, veg, sweets and chocolate that needs consuming.

If you do anything after reading this post…GO BUY BISCOFF SPREAD and eat it from the jar, or on toast, or on ANYTHING! Continue reading »

PB & Grape Cupcakes – A USA jet-lagged brainchild!

PB&Grape Cupcakes for a true American flavour kick!

PB&Grape Cupcakes for a true American flavour kick!

I must firstly apologise on this post as it has been about 3 months since my last post.  I have been been baking, I promise, but finding an hour to sit and blog seems beyond me as of late.  Despite that though I have been making various combinations and a successful one as of late has been the beetroot brownie route which has kept my mate Nic very happy…especially her paleo carrot cake which I made.  Anyhoo, back on to more pressing matters, namely this post…inspired by my total love for peanut butter and my obsession with American Grape flavour.  I am sat here blogging, still jet-lagged after a speedy 1 week trip to Vegas for Viva Las Vegas, which was AWESOME but for some reason I am seriously feeling the effects more so this time around.  I managed to grap a few bags of these nifty Welch’s PB&J snack sweets at a gas station and this is where my already much appreciated Goober came in to play.  Add to that me bringing back about 10 sachets of KoolAid at only 20c each and you have a rather exciting PB&Grape Cupcake.  This is a new recipe, based on my basic core recipe and is really a trial and error, some may love this (peanut butter-aholics) and some will grimace in horror (Grant) but it seemed as good a chance as any to get a new post up and to try something a bit different.  Enjoy!

PB&Grape combos ROCK!

PB&Grape combos ROCK!

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PBJ Muffins & Spiced Apple Muffins – 1 batch…2 recipes

A single batch divided beautifully in to 2 tasty flavours.  A spiced fruity one and a peanut butter and jam filled delight! Mmmmm!

Happy New Year peeps!  It’s been a while I know but apart from being manically busy over the festive period, it’s been a rather rushed and non-stop return to work.  But 2 weeks in to 2015 schooling and I’ve found a few moments to jot down the recent recipe in the ZoBird’s house.  The basis for this bake is from a recipe book I got a long time ago – about 10 years in fact and is called Muffins – Fast and Fantastic 3rd Edition…I really must find the first 2 editions as these are fail safe recipes and are easily adaptable.  With that in mind I wanted to make some muffins that would keep everyone in the house and office happy.  Grant doesn’t like peanut butter…weird I know, whilst Lucy in the office dislikes fruit in cakes.  So I found an oatmeal muffin recipe…upped the numbers a fraction and in turn made 2 separate batches from one recipe.  This works a treat with cupcakes too…especially if you have a group of people who can’t agree on one baked goods flavours :)

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Strawberry Milkshake Cupcakes

Delicious little cupcakes that taste just like a diner shake

Hello all!!!  It’s been a few days…or should I say weeks, but it’s been all go-go at this end and numerous things are trying to come to a close at school for me and the staff. Needless to say baking has been minimal, but after the kind requests of my lush Year 10’s for ‘more of ya cakes miss’ I felt the need to try out my awesome new book that my mummy bought me for my birthday in May.  I’ll post the recipe but it’s very much the same to the proper Hummingbird one and if anything I strongly recommend you go out and buy this book or indeed order it online here.  I am a true lover of Hummingbird recipes and use their basic vanilla cupcakes recipe as the basis for all my baking…light, fluffy and guaranteed to do more than they recommend it does :)

My new fave book courtesy of my wonderful mummy!

So if you want something quick and easy to make that will be guaranteed to make people go WOW then try these out and try out some different toppings…hopefully my colleagues at the staff cricket match tomorrow will agree! Continue reading »

Oreo Peanut Butter Brownie Morsels of Mmmmmmmmm!!!

Layers of lushiousness – Oreo-peanut butter-oreo-peanut butter – encased in brownie!

These little beauties have been an internet craze and the second someone tagged me in a picture to this link, I just knew I needed to get a British ZoBird’s version on the web.  I have mentioned this many times and will continue to, but I LOVE peanut butter and I LOVE Oreos.  The problem with Oreos is that ASDA tends to know about my obsession and not only puts rows and rows of packets on the end of the aisles (sneaky marketing!!) but also frequently reduces the price down to 50p!  I then go in to ‘Anderson Shelter’ mode and stock up, panicking about the fact they may become unavailable or worse…go UP in price!  On this shopping trip in particular I purchased an embarrassing 5 packets..*shameful face* and made small talk with the cashier about ‘Oh they’re not all for me’ (LIE) ‘I’m going to bake with them!’ (LIE).  So to redeem myself and my shameful lying I felt it was only right to actually bake with them and what better way than to sandwich them with peanut butter goodness and lather them in brownie mix…OM NOM!

These are incredibly easy to make and besides being ridiculously unassuming when baked, hold the delectable insides of a Humanities ‘layers of the earth’ resemblance! Continue reading »

Cheeky Chimp Cupcakes

Who you smiling at cheeky chimp chops?!?!

A cluster/gaggle/colony/posse of cheeky chimps!!

Our friend Shane was coming up for the weekend and the last time he visited us all the way from the deep dark south-east of Lowestoft I made the Cookie Monster cupcakes you see in my header pictures.  This time I wanted something different and seen as Shane swears by Chocolate Oranges being a fruit, whilst also having an obsession with Monkeys; these little creations only seemed apt for his April visit. Continue reading »

Cherry Chocolate Marbled Cupcakes

Cherry Chocolate Marbled Cupcakes

These little beauties were created for the same reason many of my cakes are, Asda had loads of fresh cherries on sale and they needed devouring.  It would appear that like most food, fruit becomes way more delicious once drenched in dark chocolate!  For that fact alone I decided to concoct these cakes around the sole purpose of topping them with chocolate dunked cherries…Besides munching around the stone they were a hit at work and besides infusing cherry flavours in to the icing next time, there is little i’d change if I made them again. Continue reading »

Maple, Pecan & Bacon Cupcakes!!!!

Maple, Pecan & Bacon Cupcakes – TASTE ALERT!!!

This recipe came in a dream…I jest but you get the gist.  I love bacon, I love maple syrup and pecans go well with both so it only seemed to make sense for this concoction to come about. Equally I scoured the web for a fair while and couldn’t find anything like this which left me with a challenge!  These are delicious because of the contrasting flavours which marry so well together, what’s more they really feel like a treat and always get a great reaction.  Feel free to mess around with the recipe, suggest any changes or shamelessly devour an entire batch…Happy Baking Bacon-ettes! Continue reading »

Chocolate Orange Halloween Cupcakes

Chocolate Orange Halloween Cupcakes

Ok, ok so it’s not yet Halloween but my loving Mummy sent me these cute little cupcake cases and matching sticks which I just had to use!  Further to this I am a firm believer in using up the chocolate stashed around the house and I assure you, we have A LOT!  So digging out the Terry’s chocolate orange segments I thought to myself….Mmmmm chocolate orange…the perfect Halloween inspired flavour combo! Continue reading »