Nature Cake!

Birthday cake inspired by nature!

This cake was a commission from a friend who was going to her close friend’s 30th birthday party.  The only stipulation was that the cake was white with leaves on it.  Above is the final product and below are details on how I did the different components.  It was a great little project because i’d never tried something like this before and because the brief was so open the possibilities to make this look ‘natural’ were endless.

This recipe was made with the base cake mixture I used for my Batman and Mountain Bike cake.  The only difference is that this cake is 3 layers high.  I therefore times’d the mixture by 1 and a half times to get 3 equal layers.  Below is the measurements for the cake:



  • 340g Sugar
  • 340g Stork
  • 340g Self-Raising flour
  • 6 large free-range eggs
  • 250g Icing Sugar
  • 80g Butter or Willow
  • 25ml semi-skimmed milk
  • Home2Bake Green food colouring
  • Strawberry Jam

Alike the Mountain Bike cake I chose to sandwich each of the 3 layers with green butercream to keep the green and white theme consistent throughout.  I then covered the whole cake in the green icing to glue’ the white royal icing n to place.

Vine and leaf work across the cake and board

Once I’d rolled out the royal icing and placed it over the cake I got o work on the decoration.  The vine work you can see above was done using the smallest nozzle you own and combining some red food colouring with green and a small amount of buttercream.  You won’t need a lot because on a small nozzle this icing goes far!  I piped he brown vines directly on to the cake in a random order.

Vine work all over the cake

At this point I used the leftover brown icing and the leftover green; placing them alternatively in a piping bag with a star nozzle and piped around the edge of the cake to cover the seam edge that was on show.  The effect is of stripy stars and it just makes the cake look more professional against the cake board.

For the leaves, i’d made these the night before using different coloured green icings and marbling them together roughly so they had different tones throughout them; I also combined a small amount of pastillage which makes them set rock hard wen left.  I then used leaf cutters in 3 varied sizes to stamp out lots of leaves.

Mottled sugarcraft leaves in 3 sizes

I made a mixture of flat and curved leaves to give added dimension.  To do this I folded cardboardin half, lined it with greasproof paper and placed the leaves inside overnight.

Created curvature by using folded greasproof and card!

These leaves can then be attached to the cake by using the existing vine work on the cake.

Sugarcraft Leaves

Finally I made a large leaf for the top of the cake, cutting it out by hand using a sharp knife.  To the top of this I then made a white plaque from white icing and wrote on it by had using the green food gel colouring and a brush.  This takes a steady hand but it’s worth the time and effort!

The finished cake!!

To add the extra touches a bit of bronze lustre gives the leaves a jazzy look and created more dimension for the main leaf on the top.  With the remaining flat leaves I positioned these on the cake board with icing so they looked more ‘at one’ with the cake.

Overall I am so pleased with the outcome and I received a lovely text and picture of the guests tucking in the next day!

Happy cake eaters!

What a  wonderful way to receive feedback on a cake!

Birthday girl

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