Curds & Whey – A Double Bake Special – Yorkshire Curd Tart

Yorkshire Curd Tart

As all best ideas started, we were standing in the Town Wall in Newcastle, pretty merry and talking of things past: videos, tape cassettes and Beetamax! The conversation came round to our good mate Chris reminiscing of a Yorkshire Curd Tart…What?!  We cried, surely you mean a Custard Tart.  He was adamant it was different and so we google’d away until we found a recipe he agreed on.  Seeing this as a challenge and being promised as his ‘bestest person ever’ I set out to make it…only to discover much to our previous declaration, it really isn’t like custard tart!

This recipe can be found on the Good Food website and so the following is merely my step-by-step account based precisely on the recipe you can find here.  Be aware that there are some preparations to be made for this tart and so you should start this a day before you need it.  Don’t forget to reserve your whey though for my Lemon & Lime Drizzle Muffins.

ZoBird’s Step-by-Step:

The day before…make your curd…Jersey Gold Milk

Milk of choice!

Juice a lemon and add once the milk is simmering.

Simmer and watch the curds form

Wait for it to go watery and lumpy…try not to be put off by this!!!

I used a jelly bag to help the whey drain from the curds, but you could use a clean tea towel or even muslin.

Scoop in to the bag, over a bowl.

Hang for about 10 minutes until dripping subsides, then put in a bowl in the fridge overnight.

The next day….

Food process the butter and flour with the sugar…pour on to a work surface and make a well.

Add a little water, gently knead and wrap in clingfilm – in the fridge for 20 mins!


Beat butter and sugar.

Add your curds by crumbling them in

Add the currants and combine

Roll out your pastry

Grease and line your pastry dish – I wanted to use my new heart dish :) I also used cling film to help it fit the dish and save putting my fingers through the pastry!

Trim around the edges

Add your curd mixture and level out – bake!

Leave to cool and then serve generously!

There you have it.  A classic baked and ready to be sampled.

Now drop on over and see my Lemon & Lime Drizzle Muffins which you can make with the leftover whey.

Baking Love

ZoBird x

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