Oreo Peanut Butter Brownie Morsels of Mmmmmmmmm!!!

Layers of lushiousness – Oreo-peanut butter-oreo-peanut butter – encased in brownie!

These little beauties have been an internet craze and the second someone tagged me in a picture to this link, I just knew I needed to get a British ZoBird’s version on the web.  I have mentioned this many times and will continue to, but I LOVE peanut butter and I LOVE Oreos.  The problem with Oreos is that ASDA tends to know about my obsession and not only puts rows and rows of packets on the end of the aisles (sneaky marketing!!) but also frequently reduces the price down to 50p!  I then go in to ‘Anderson Shelter’ mode and stock up, panicking about the fact they may become unavailable or worse…go UP in price!  On this shopping trip in particular I purchased an embarrassing 5 packets..*shameful face* and made small talk with the cashier about ‘Oh they’re not all for me’ (LIE) ‘I’m going to bake with them!’ (LIE).  So to redeem myself and my shameful lying I felt it was only right to actually bake with them and what better way than to sandwich them with peanut butter goodness and lather them in brownie mix…OM NOM!

These are incredibly easy to make and besides being ridiculously unassuming when baked, hold the delectable insides of a Humanities ‘layers of the earth’ resemblance! Continue reading »

Tiki G’s Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Moist and tender with a spicy bark, perfect pulled pork!

Welcome to Tiki G’s first post in my savoury corner! I’ll be bringing you the odd recipe from both my everyday cooking and special occasion entertaining! Whilst the wonderful Zobird loves baking and sweet things, I like cooking real dinners and savoury delights. This one is one of our absolute favourites from our trips to the States, moist pulled pork smothered in a vinegary BBQ sauce, fantastic party food which I made for our recent Engagement party! It went down a storm and I’ve been pestered for the recipe ever since, so here it is! Continue reading »