PBJ Muffins & Spiced Apple Muffins – 1 batch…2 recipes

A single batch divided beautifully in to 2 tasty flavours.  A spiced fruity one and a peanut butter and jam filled delight! Mmmmm!

Happy New Year peeps!  It’s been a while I know but apart from being manically busy over the festive period, it’s been a rather rushed and non-stop return to work.  But 2 weeks in to 2015 schooling and I’ve found a few moments to jot down the recent recipe in the ZoBird’s house.  The basis for this bake is from a recipe book I got a long time ago – about 10 years in fact and is called Muffins – Fast and Fantastic 3rd Edition…I really must find the first 2 editions as these are fail safe recipes and are easily adaptable.  With that in mind I wanted to make some muffins that would keep everyone in the house and office happy.  Grant doesn’t like peanut butter…weird I know, whilst Lucy in the office dislikes fruit in cakes.  So I found an oatmeal muffin recipe…upped the numbers a fraction and in turn made 2 separate batches from one recipe.  This works a treat with cupcakes too…especially if you have a group of people who can’t agree on one baked goods flavours :)

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Perfectly crumblicious!

A deliciously simple pudding to make when it’s cold outside and to be honest it’s not like we’re reaching warm temperatures these days!  This is super quick and can be served with ice cream or custard.  Give it a whirl and add your own twists.  This can be full of many flavour combos; seasonal fruit like blackberries, blackcurrants, rhubarb or gooseberries! Yummytastic!  Also replace the wholemeal flour to white if you’d prefer, and light brown to white sugar.  Just taste as you go, seen as the more bitter fruits will need extra sugar! (more…)