Dino-Bourbons RAWRRRRR!!! *Not to scale*

Beware of the DINO-BOURBONS!


This is a bit of a random post and I must ensure that I outline why I have made bourbon dinosaur 3D cookies…some of you may be thinking ‘Why not?!’ to those of you hoorah, for the rest who are still puzzled this is why:

I have a wonderful Year 11 Drama class…or I should say ‘had’ :( they are now on their merry way either to college, in to 6th form or have left school.  On my birthday this year they swamped me with some wonderful gifts wrapped in awesome mustache paper and delivered with smiles and excitement.  Besides an AWESOME rubik cube mug and some nifty VW camper hand warmers they bought me this unique and quirky cookie cutter set of Dinosaurs.  Now the reason this made me so happy was for a variety of reasons

  1. They are SO thoughtful!
  2. Dinosaurs were my obsession when I was younger
  3. They know how much I love baking

So without further ado this blog post is dedicated to Harry, Becca, Charlotte & Nicole…DINO-BOURBONS of deliciousness. Continue reading »