ZoBird’s version of the Pieminister Matador!

Pieminister at London Bridge!

Some very exciting things happened this week!  Firstly I broke up for half term; whoooop says all fellow teachers, ‘lazy gits’ scowls everyone else!  Secondly I went to London with a friend to see our mate Rachael who moved down there a couple of months ago. Thirdly we went to Pieminister!!!!!  If you’ve never been here you MUST go, the pies are epic, with amazing flavour combinations, perfect accompaniments and lovely friendly staff…a visit should be compulsory when you visit London.  As you can see in the picture above I got very excited to be there and after purchasing the Matador decided I would need to make this myself at home. Continue reading »

Chorizo, Goat’s Cheese & Thyme Muffins

Goat’s Cheese, Chorizo and Thyme Muffins!

So whilst ploughing through my monthly ‘acquired’ FREE Asda and Morrison’s magazines I stumbled across a recipe that involved yorkshire puddings with chorizo and goats cheese.  Hang on, I thought, that would be tasty in muffins and hence the below recipe surfaced.  Based on a tried and tested recipe which normally requires yoghurt, I always replace this with sour cream as it’s what we generally have left in the fridge needing to be used up following a fajita night!  Enjoy :) Continue reading »