Strawberry Milkshake Cupcakes

Delicious little cupcakes that taste just like a diner shake

Hello all!!!  It’s been a few days…or should I say weeks, but it’s been all go-go at this end and numerous things are trying to come to a close at school for me and the staff. Needless to say baking has been minimal, but after the kind requests of my lush Year 10’s for ‘more of ya cakes miss’ I felt the need to try out my awesome new book that my mummy bought me for my birthday in May.  I’ll post the recipe but it’s very much the same to the proper Hummingbird one and if anything I strongly recommend you go out and buy this book or indeed order it online here.  I am a true lover of Hummingbird recipes and use their basic vanilla cupcakes recipe as the basis for all my baking…light, fluffy and guaranteed to do more than they recommend it does :)

My new fave book courtesy of my wonderful mummy!

So if you want something quick and easy to make that will be guaranteed to make people go WOW then try these out and try out some different toppings…hopefully my colleagues at the staff cricket match tomorrow will agree! Continue reading »

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Cupcakes

Somewhere over the Rainbow there’s some tasty cupcakes…

It’s very rare that I decide to sit still for long, Grant can vouch for this, but today I had to watch Wizard of Oz as it’s been years since I last saw it.  By ‘had to’ I genuinely mean had to as it’s our current school show which me and my mates Jo and Lucy are directing.  So what better way to be inspired by the film than to put together cupcakes that depict the essence of the film!  So I sat still for 2hrs to watch the film and then bustled off to the kitchen to concoct these (Somewhere over the) Rainbow Cupcakes.  Give them a try, it’s great fun! Continue reading »