Lemon & Lime Cake – Happy New Year!

A refreshingly double layered cake with zesty tones and delicious creamy frosting

Happy New Year to everyone out there…this cake is the start of 2014 and even though I don’t make resolutions, I decided that when it came to my blog I needed to make an exception…I need to blog more.  The thing is i’m baking at least once or twice a week but i’m not making the time to get it down on here…So 2014 is the year for more blogging and getting my delectable delights up on here for you all to see, try and share.

This recipe is a take on the Hummingbird Lemon Cake but with lots of changes and additions.  I love lime, as does Tiki G, so it was inevitable that a recipe which states lemon in it, would end up with lime additions or replacements.  I also wanted to make something light and refreshing after we devoured our New Year’s Eve Brisket and Broche buns courtesy of Tiki G’s BBQ-ing skills.  So feel free to alter and amend this recipe at will and to make it with or without the candied limes and lemons. Continue reading »

Curds & Whey – A Double Bake Special – Yorkshire Curd Tart

Yorkshire Curd Tart

As all best ideas started, we were standing in the Town Wall in Newcastle, pretty merry and talking of things past: videos, tape cassettes and Beetamax! The conversation came round to our good mate Chris reminiscing of a Yorkshire Curd Tart…What?!  We cried, surely you mean a Custard Tart.  He was adamant it was different and so we google’d away until we found a recipe he agreed on.  Seeing this as a challenge and being promised as his ‘bestest person ever’ I set out to make it…only to discover much to our previous declaration, it really isn’t like custard tart! Continue reading »