Fluffernutter Cookies – PB & Fluff Filled Cookie Delights!!

Deliciously gooey, sweet and oatilicious!

Deliciously gooey, sweet and oatilicious!

So…it has been a while since i’ve even posted anything on here!  A combination and busy bee antics and needing motivation I think!  Anyway, I went to my hairdressers the other day and she asked me about the blog, said how much she liked it and that she’d been recommending it, and I thought ‘Get your butt in gear Zoe…get a post on’.  So I have!!  Rummaging in my baking pastry cabinet I realised I had some deliciously sweet Marshmallow Fluff that needing using up and that is why this recipe came about.  I started googling alternatives to just making whoopie pies (which is the key use in my Hummingbird Book) and found a great Pinterest page full of calorific, heart-attack inducing recipes.  This one stood out as it includes peanut butter…and you know how much I LOVE peanut butter.  I have included the website here but I think I made mine more filled and chose not to add the sea salt on top.  Let me know what you think!! Enjoy and apologies for being so aloof :) Continue reading »

PB & Grape Cupcakes – A USA jet-lagged brainchild!

PB&Grape Cupcakes for a true American flavour kick!

PB&Grape Cupcakes for a true American flavour kick!

I must firstly apologise on this post as it has been about 3 months since my last post.  I have been been baking, I promise, but finding an hour to sit and blog seems beyond me as of late.  Despite that though I have been making various combinations and a successful one as of late has been the beetroot brownie route which has kept my mate Nic very happy…especially her paleo carrot cake which I made.  Anyhoo, back on to more pressing matters, namely this post…inspired by my total love for peanut butter and my obsession with American Grape flavour.  I am sat here blogging, still jet-lagged after a speedy 1 week trip to Vegas for Viva Las Vegas, which was AWESOME but for some reason I am seriously feeling the effects more so this time around.  I managed to grap a few bags of these nifty Welch’s PB&J snack sweets at a gas station and this is where my already much appreciated Goober came in to play.  Add to that me bringing back about 10 sachets of KoolAid at only 20c each and you have a rather exciting PB&Grape Cupcake.  This is a new recipe, based on my basic core recipe and is really a trial and error, some may love this (peanut butter-aholics) and some will grimace in horror (Grant) but it seemed as good a chance as any to get a new post up and to try something a bit different.  Enjoy!

PB&Grape combos ROCK!

PB&Grape combos ROCK!

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PBJ Muffins & Spiced Apple Muffins – 1 batch…2 recipes

A single batch divided beautifully in to 2 tasty flavours.  A spiced fruity one and a peanut butter and jam filled delight! Mmmmm!

Happy New Year peeps!  It’s been a while I know but apart from being manically busy over the festive period, it’s been a rather rushed and non-stop return to work.  But 2 weeks in to 2015 schooling and I’ve found a few moments to jot down the recent recipe in the ZoBird’s house.  The basis for this bake is from a recipe book I got a long time ago – about 10 years in fact and is called Muffins – Fast and Fantastic 3rd Edition…I really must find the first 2 editions as these are fail safe recipes and are easily adaptable.  With that in mind I wanted to make some muffins that would keep everyone in the house and office happy.  Grant doesn’t like peanut butter…weird I know, whilst Lucy in the office dislikes fruit in cakes.  So I found an oatmeal muffin recipe…upped the numbers a fraction and in turn made 2 separate batches from one recipe.  This works a treat with cupcakes too…especially if you have a group of people who can’t agree on one baked goods flavours :)

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Frosted Nutty Courgette Brownies

Deliciously moist and not that naughty…I promise!

These little beauties are a Zobird’s twist based on a post on my new favourite blog Yammie’s Noshery!  Her nblog is amazing…mostly because she does lots of naughty treats, totally indulgent and off-the-calorific-scale!  Something I hugely approve of!  Yet she posted this up recently and I thought ‘Why not?!’ Tiki G is a firm believer that vegetables shoudl not be in cake and as a result has a total aversion to carrot cake…much to my dismay!  However I was determined to sneak some some manner of vegetable in to cake and prove him wrong.  My school buddy Nicola has been declaring her love for courgette based edibles for a while so this seemed the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl. Continue reading »

AMAZING Chocolate Cake with OMG Peanut Butter Frosting!


The perfect cake for any chocolate and peanut butter fan!

Last week was a very busy week in the ZoBird Kitchen.  Besides making plenty of cakes for other people I made a delectable cake for me and Grant too, meaning I spent a majority of last week and the weekend in the kitchen baking my little heart out…madness I hear you cry…BLISS I hear me sigh!  This cake was the last of the week and was made for my good friend Mr Rigby who has only been in our Create Dept since September but is already a well embedded member of the Create family…it’s also a huge bonus that he loves cake like me! Continue reading »

Oreo Peanut Butter Brownie Morsels of Mmmmmmmmm!!!

Layers of lushiousness – Oreo-peanut butter-oreo-peanut butter – encased in brownie!

These little beauties have been an internet craze and the second someone tagged me in a picture to this link, I just knew I needed to get a British ZoBird’s version on the web.  I have mentioned this many times and will continue to, but I LOVE peanut butter and I LOVE Oreos.  The problem with Oreos is that ASDA tends to know about my obsession and not only puts rows and rows of packets on the end of the aisles (sneaky marketing!!) but also frequently reduces the price down to 50p!  I then go in to ‘Anderson Shelter’ mode and stock up, panicking about the fact they may become unavailable or worse…go UP in price!  On this shopping trip in particular I purchased an embarrassing 5 packets..*shameful face* and made small talk with the cashier about ‘Oh they’re not all for me’ (LIE) ‘I’m going to bake with them!’ (LIE).  So to redeem myself and my shameful lying I felt it was only right to actually bake with them and what better way than to sandwich them with peanut butter goodness and lather them in brownie mix…OM NOM!

These are incredibly easy to make and besides being ridiculously unassuming when baked, hold the delectable insides of a Humanities ‘layers of the earth’ resemblance! Continue reading »

Peanut Butter & Kool Aid Jelly Whoopie Pies – Good Morning USA!!!!

Whoopie’s Inspired by the USA!


Despite receiving high praise from all who consumed these whoopies, they are indeed a work in progress.  The jelly caused structural integrity issues and so a Kool Aid jam is next on the experimentation menu!

All the same, this is the way I went about things in case you feel like a bit of a challenge and a sloppy, delicious taste of the USA :) Continue reading »