Side Dish Spectacular – USA stylee (of course!)

I’m back!!!!  I know you’ve all missed me but it’s been a mental few weeks.  In between planning a staff Christmas party, the school Christmas show, a trip ‘darn sarff’ to see family and hosting our New Year’s Eve shenanigans; I have been baking and cooking but not logging it on here…same on me I know!  Anyhoo, i’m back in the baking-saddle and ready to share some more tantalising delights with you.  What better way to start 2013 than with a savoury sensation….Mac ‘n’Cheese and BBQ Baked Beans…hold your drooling peeps this ones a belter!!!

Delicious ingredients…ASSEMBLE!!!! – Vegas mug optional!

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Tiki G’s Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Moist and tender with a spicy bark, perfect pulled pork!

Welcome to Tiki G’s first post in my savoury corner! I’ll be bringing you the odd recipe from both my everyday cooking and special occasion entertaining! Whilst the wonderful Zobird loves baking and sweet things, I like cooking real dinners and savoury delights. This one is one of our absolute favourites from our trips to the States, moist pulled pork smothered in a vinegary BBQ sauce, fantastic party food which I made for our recent Engagement party! It went down a storm and I’ve been pestered for the recipe ever since, so here it is! Continue reading »