Fluffernutter Cookies – PB & Fluff Filled Cookie Delights!!

Deliciously gooey, sweet and oatilicious!

Deliciously gooey, sweet and oatilicious!

So…it has been a while since i’ve even posted anything on here!  A combination and busy bee antics and needing motivation I think!  Anyway, I went to my hairdressers the other day and she asked me about the blog, said how much she liked it and that she’d been recommending it, and I thought ‘Get your butt in gear Zoe…get a post on’.  So I have!!  Rummaging in my baking pastry cabinet I realised I had some deliciously sweet Marshmallow Fluff that needing using up and that is why this recipe came about.  I started googling alternatives to just making whoopie pies (which is the key use in my Hummingbird Book) and found a great Pinterest page full of calorific, heart-attack inducing recipes.  This one stood out as it includes peanut butter…and you know how much I LOVE peanut butter.  I have included the website here but I think I made mine more filled and chose not to add the sea salt on top.  Let me know what you think!! Enjoy and apologies for being so aloof :) Continue reading »

PBJ Muffins & Spiced Apple Muffins – 1 batch…2 recipes

A single batch divided beautifully in to 2 tasty flavours.  A spiced fruity one and a peanut butter and jam filled delight! Mmmmm!

Happy New Year peeps!  It’s been a while I know but apart from being manically busy over the festive period, it’s been a rather rushed and non-stop return to work.  But 2 weeks in to 2015 schooling and I’ve found a few moments to jot down the recent recipe in the ZoBird’s house.  The basis for this bake is from a recipe book I got a long time ago – about 10 years in fact and is called Muffins – Fast and Fantastic 3rd Edition…I really must find the first 2 editions as these are fail safe recipes and are easily adaptable.  With that in mind I wanted to make some muffins that would keep everyone in the house and office happy.  Grant doesn’t like peanut butter…weird I know, whilst Lucy in the office dislikes fruit in cakes.  So I found an oatmeal muffin recipe…upped the numbers a fraction and in turn made 2 separate batches from one recipe.  This works a treat with cupcakes too…especially if you have a group of people who can’t agree on one baked goods flavours :)

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